Digital News Consumption 2013 Infographic

Journalism is changing and is fighting to survive in the digital world. The field is adapting to people’s new digital needs by changing the ways they are presenting their news. Check out this infographic I made with information from the Pew Research Center about the changing ways people are interacting with their news!


Lights Out at the Super Bowl

Last October, during Hurricane Sandy, I was charging all my electronics, patiently waiting in my home as I anticipated the power going off.  Then, it was lights out, not only for my house, but also for most of Long Island.  At least that blackout was anticipated.

During Sunday Night’s Super Bowl, between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, half of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s power went out, which was a surprise.

“All of a sudden all of the commentary stopped, the picture showed a half lit stadium, and all of the infamous Super Bowl commercials resumed,” said Cassandra Wang, student at Drexel University.  “All you saw on TV were the players practicing and bewildered employees of the NFL.”

The coaches on both sides had to keep the players calm and composed, advising them to stretch and run drills.

“It came up to a point where I thought whoever is in charge was going to have to postpone the game,” said Agnes Michalik, dermatologist assistant.  “I wasn’t even there and I was getting nervous.”

It was as if the halftime show was extended.

“I definitely wouldn’t have minded if Beyoncé came back out and continued to perform,” said Wang.

Many questions were raised during the blackout such as how long the power would be out for and if this would have an effect the players, but most importantly, did Beyoncé win the Super Bowl?

“I was waiting for Beyoncé to come out onto the field holding Blue Ivy and say her first words, ‘let there be light,’” said Robert Todaro, a student at George Washington University.

Commentators had to fill in the awkward time gap between when the lights turned off and the resumption of gameplay. NBC’s SNL even mocked the reporters during their opening skit. Hey, if I was in their position, I would be as equally tongue-tied.

“You’ve got to admit, it was pretty funny,” said Michalik. “How many times could you really reiterate the same things over and over again but just using different words?”

Approximately half an hour later, the power was back.

After the delay, the game resumed with slight changes.  It appeared as though the 49ers started to play better, most likely due to a longer resting period.  However, the Ravens remained in the lead. The final score was Ravens 34, 49ers 31.

Luckily, the Super Bowl blackout was only 34 minutes.  Mine lasted about 20 days.