About Me!

527669_3515306836421_169325379_nCall me ambitious, but I believe that everyone is capable of making a change. My method of doing so is through journalism, my passion. I realized this when I was in high school with the position of editor of my school newspaper. I recognized that I was able to share my voice— not only my own, but that of the voiceless as well.

My name is Magdalene Michalik and I’m a second year student at Hofstra University.  I’m an aspiring journalist with an interest in political science (although I’m already a professional coffee drinker and full time money waster).  You’ll find me either talking or laughing.  I’m the News Editor of The Hofstra Chronicle and Editorial Intern at Adventure Publishing. When I’m not at class or writing my next article, I’m working at my local library.

I am determined and to experience everything that I am capable of and to leave my mark on the world.  I have a story to tell. Are you ready to listen?

You can find a copy of my resume along with the PDF and Word document versions here.


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